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Need Motivation!

2010-03-09 02:20:17 by Ultimate-TH

Let's see how many people read this. I am in need of some motivation I guess you can say. See...I've been wanting to get back into flash and do animations for a while now. And while having a tablet before I do one WOULD be nice, with no job, I don't foresee me getting one anytime soon.

SO! that is why I'm calling on you folks out there. I only have like one tiny thing on NG (14 second piece in a collab *coughs* ), but people really seemed to want more of that. I do have some other animation-ish stuff on my DA page though that might be hints as to what I'm capable of. So if after seeing what I can do, and you like it, I ask you all, to please send me an email, leave a note on DA, do SOMETHING, to let me know you want to see more! I'm not too good at self motivation, which is why I want to see just how many folks out there want to see more animations from me. Perhaps the extra feedback will give me the gun-ho to start something.

If your curious, I have many Sonic-related animations in mind, as well as something original too. But I wanna see how many people take the time to contact me and ask for more. If I do make an animation, harp on me to keep at it! I do better when I know I got people on my back that want me to finish lol.

Email: Ultimateth@yahoo.com
AIM: UltimateTH
DA Page: www.ulta.deviantart.com

Hope to hear from people!

Need Motivation!


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2010-03-09 02:54:16

You can't particularly rely on people seeking you out for what little you've produced. You have to gain initiative.

I mean, animation is incredibly labor intensive...this shit is difficult, but if it were easy everybody would do it. You gotta be a self-starter...and by being a self-starter, a problem solver in case you run into a snag in the middle of a production.

Sure, tablets make things hella easy...but you see when Tom starts giving away tablets to kids with potential, right? If you're strapped on funds why don't you work towards that.

Learn to be comfortable with the mouse, and just start churning out flash after flash after flash...they don't even need to be good; just get them out there! In time, someone could recognize your potential, and while funds are accumulating from all the hits you're receiving from flash ads, before you know it, you could be up and qualified to receive some free hardware.

You can't bank on that, of course, but it IS a goal. It could give you focus to start knocking some flashes out!

They ain't going to animate themselves, now will they?

Ultimate-TH responds:

Wait what? Tom is giving out tablets to people with potential? Since when?! =O

I suppose your right though. When that collab got released, I did have a moment of 'fame' I guess you can call it. I think I have the potential. And yeah I already know flash takes a while. @_@ Maybe I'm just being lazy.

I'll keep your words in mind. I'm probably too use to people taking me by the hand and showing me the way. Time to start doing stuff my own way.


2010-03-09 03:02:25

I actually just got done watching the collaboration you were a part of, and yours had the most impressive fluidly smooth animation. I literally felt like I sat through the rest of them.

So what the hell are you doing? You're wasting time by NOT animating.

Ultimate-TH responds:

lol that's the kind of stuff I wish I'd hear. thanks =)


2010-03-09 21:14:34

Good! No one's going to be holding your hand in the real world...become a problem-solver, and knock 'em out!

...What are you doing reading this? *whipcrack*

Ultimate-TH responds:

Meep! *jumps and runs off to try and animate something* >.<


2010-03-14 01:24:44

Newgrounds beats deviantart!

Ultimate-TH responds:

I will agree with you there, NG is way better than DA. But NG isn't relaly a good spot for art. Least not when I tried it. I never got refered! =(

But uhhh how is that suppose to motivate me again?


2010-06-25 11:30:07

come on your amazing just look how you made shadow look on the sonic tribute collab

Ultimate-TH responds:

I appreciate your positive feedback on that. Rest assured, I do intend to make my own Sonic-themed flash.


2011-03-24 22:11:00

wanna be friends