Need Motivation!

2010-03-09 02:20:17 by Ultimate-TH

Let's see how many people read this. I am in need of some motivation I guess you can say. See...I've been wanting to get back into flash and do animations for a while now. And while having a tablet before I do one WOULD be nice, with no job, I don't foresee me getting one anytime soon.

SO! that is why I'm calling on you folks out there. I only have like one tiny thing on NG (14 second piece in a collab *coughs* ), but people really seemed to want more of that. I do have some other animation-ish stuff on my DA page though that might be hints as to what I'm capable of. So if after seeing what I can do, and you like it, I ask you all, to please send me an email, leave a note on DA, do SOMETHING, to let me know you want to see more! I'm not too good at self motivation, which is why I want to see just how many folks out there want to see more animations from me. Perhaps the extra feedback will give me the gun-ho to start something.

If your curious, I have many Sonic-related animations in mind, as well as something original too. But I wanna see how many people take the time to contact me and ask for more. If I do make an animation, harp on me to keep at it! I do better when I know I got people on my back that want me to finish lol.

AIM: UltimateTH
DA Page:

Hope to hear from people!

Need Motivation!